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Our Mission


Based in McKinney, Texas, Backyard Home & Pet Sitting ensures your home is well-tended — pets, plants, and flowers — no matter what else is going on in your life. Whether you have a vacation pet sitting need, an illness in the family, a demanding job, late working hours, or extensive travel, we keep your household running. If you need pet sitting, dog walking, house sitting, or even poop scooping in McKinney, you’re in the right place! We can also help you with short-term pet boarding needs.


Why Backyard Home & Pet Sitting?


Care for Your Pets

cute pets dog walking dallas texas.jpg

Dogs and cats? No problem.

guinea pig house sitting dallas.jpg

Got a guinea pig? We love ‘em.


Big ol’ aquarium? We’ll take care of it.

hermit crab backyard pet sitting.jpg

Hermit crabs? Dig ‘em.

exotic birds mckinney pet sitting.jpg

Exotic birds? No worries.

iguana lizard pet sitting mckinney.jpg

Iguana? Bring it on.


Care for Your Home

dog walking mckinney texas backyard pet sitting.jpg

Dog walking.

vet appointment backyard pet sitting.jpg

Pet taxi.

house sitting backyard pet sitting.jpg

Pooper scooper.

mail retrieval mckinney texas.png

Mail and newspaper retrieval.

aquarium cleaning mckinney texas.jpg

Aquarium service.


Rigorous Exercise.

water plants mckinney texas.jpg

Houseplant care.




Know that your home and pets are in good hands while you’re away.


Backyard Home & Pet Sitting took care of our four dogs, four birds, aquarium, my house, outside garden, mail, and all of my potted plants while my husband and I took our two week vacation this summer. It was a joy to get daily pictures and text messages from the sitters and to know my animals were safe and secure in their own surroundings.
— Lyn N., Prosper

We are:

Certified Professional Pet Sitter

✓ Members of Pet Sitters International

✓ Bonded and Insured by PetCare Insurance