7 Tips on How to Find the Best Dog Walker in McKinney, Texas

Animals come into their lives with instincts to survive. But in our ever-changing world, many animals look to humans for companionship and assistance.

According to the Washington Post, 68% of American homes had a pet with dogs at 90 million and cats at 94 million. 

But what happens when your professional or social life conflicts with taking care of your fur baby?

Companies specializing in pet sitting or dog walkers are in high demand. But before you allow someone to scoop your kitty's poop or take Rex for a walk be sure to find the best person for the job.

What is a Dog Walker

A dog walker is someone who accompanies a dog for a walk either for exercise, recreation or to relieve itself. Dog walkers can be the pet owner, friend, family or a paid contractor.

But if your work schedule doesn't allow you to walk your own dog then a pet service offering a sitter or walker is your solution. You can't trust any random person into your home and near your pet.

Below you'll find tips for finding the best dog walker for your needs.

Tips to Find the Best Pet Service

Living in McKinney, Texas offers many options for a busy professional and personal life. Whether you're an attorney on the go or a work from home mom-preneur McKinney gives its residents the comfort of suburban life.

Of course, maintaining a work and home balance is tough so why not hire a service to give you the extra support you want?

Research Online

The internet is the best place to start your search for the best dog walker in McKinney, Texas. There are plenty of options to research. But you may notice Backyard Home & Pet Sitting LLC pop up several times.

Known for treating your animals like family you won't have to worry about your furry son or daughter with Backyard Home and Pet Sitting LLC

Ask Your Friends and Family

Networking is great for finding a new company or service provider. When it comes to finding a pet sitter your kin won't steer you wrong. In fact, they might get excited to link you to the business if their experience was satisfactory.

Are they Bonded, Insured, and Do They Run Background Checks?

Once you've found a company to use there are tons of vital questions you need to ask for your safety and your pets.

A pet sitter company should be bonded, insured, run background checks and have certifications.

The bond protects you if something gets stolen while liability insurance protects negligence and accidents. Background checks dig into a person's life to search for previous or pending charges, incarcerations, and other important information.

Not all states require certifications or a permit but obtaining them gives the impression of being legitimate. Certifications through Pet Sitters International involve passing a knowledge-assessed exam. 

You can also request references from current dog walker clients as you can never be too careful. 

Do They Offer a Free Meet and Greet?

When narrowing down your search for the dog walker ask if the company allows a free meet and greet. The initial consultation gives you a chance to ask important questions like what type of leashes do you use, where will you walk my dog, and how do they handle difficult behavior?

Plus you can review the references and ask questions about them.

Aside from getting to know your dog walker, it's also good to see how your dog and other animals, if you have them, react to this person. If your dog reacts well and allows the person to pet it then this is a good sign they don't sense danger.

How Long Have They Been Walking Dogs?

When interviewing a prospective dog walker ask about how long they have been walking dogs. Their experience is a good indicator of whether they can handle surprise situations. You can ask if they have dogs or pets of their own. Though it's not a rule a pet owner will have firsthand information on what it's like to take care of an animal.

Although you shouldn't rule a person out for lack of experience because we all need someone to give us a chance.

Are They Certified for Pet First Aid and CPR?

Accidents and emergencies happen when we least expect them. Whoever you trust to care for your pet should have the knowledge to react accordingly if a health emergency occurs.

Does he or she have the proper first aid and CPR certification? Are the certifications current?

Will he or she be comfortable performing CPR and transporting your dog to the veterinarian?

It's hard to leave your pet in the hands of a new person so checking for the right credentials is essential.

What is the Cancellation and Back-Up Plan Policy?

Illness and accidents crop up all the time. So if your pet sitter is unable to make it to your home what is their cancellation policy? Will a replacement be sent? 

What if you need to cancel your dog walker? Does the company need 24-hour notice? Do they charge cancellation fees?

Definitely discuss the back-up plan for when emergencies arise. This way your dog's schedule remains intact and you won't have added stress.

Seal the Deal

Investing in a pet sitter company can be scary. But once you've found a friendly and reliable dog walker service your fears will melt away. 

Backyard Home & Pet Sitter LLC treats your home like our home. 

If you're ready to let us take the leash please contact us now.

Aaron Pearson